GAZA HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE 27.12.2008-18.01.2009

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Gaza's destruction revealed - 20 Jan 09

Comment left on another blog about the Gaza Holocaust:
"I just saw pictures on BBC of the destruction in Gaza. How does Israel think it will make them more secure by doing this - I just don't understand that logic. They have increased hatred. People who were not pro-Hamas, now are. Families where brothers and sisters were killed indiscriminately only create more hate. By removing the reasons for people to live, you are only giving them more reasons to die and in doing so are giving Hamas exactly what it wants - a larger base. This was a senseless act of genocide on so many levels. I really do not understand how totally irresponsible the Israeli govt was towards it's own people. Security risks for Israelis have increased many fold... The sad part is, those kids who were murdered also lost their chance to sing, laugh and grow old - things we take for granted."

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