GAZA HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE 27.12.2008-18.01.2009

Thursday, 22 January 2009

UNICEF: The story of Amira, a child of Gaza

UNICEF: The story of Amira, a child of Gaza


NEW YORK, USA, 21 January 2009 Amira, 15, is a survivor. After her two siblings and father were killed during the conflict in the Gaza Strip, she crawled from her familys home and was found three days later in a neighbours house.

She was alone for three days in the street and no one passed in that neighbourhood, Amiras mother recalls.

Amira herself remembers: My father went outside, telling us, I want sit outside with my friends and read the Quran so that you can sleep well and not be scared. Shortly thereafter, she says, her father and the others died in a missile strike.

The three-week conflict, which halted with a ceasefire this past weekend, has left a trail of destruction including thousands of homes destroyed and damaged. Before the ceasefire was declared, some 50,000 people sought refuge in UN shelters. Only now are many Gazans making their way home again.

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