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Friday, 30 January 2009

UNICEF: Back to school in Gaza

UNICEF: Back to school in Gaza


NEW YORK, 26 January 2009 With the return of hundreds of thousands of children to school in Gaza, UNICEF is providing essential educational equipment and materials to reinstate learning and recreational activities, create safe environments and help restore a sense of normalcy for children in Gaza.

On the first day of my return to school I was expecting to find damage and destruction because I know that war machine didnt leave anything in place no human, no stone. When I first entered, I was shocked from the scenes that I saw—classrooms damaged, windows broken, every corner in the school reminds us of the war, said Hanady Akeela, 17.

On 26 January, UNICEF Occupied Palestinian Territory Representative Patricia McPhillips visited Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza where two UNICEF tents serve as temporary learning spaces for girls whose school was completely destroyed. Four additional tents will be set up in the coming days to accommodate additional students.

UNICEF is working with partners to establish safe areas and to supply educational material for children in Gaza, said Ms. McPhillips. Returning to school provides an important opportunity for children to interact, play, rebuild their routines and overcome distress.

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Gaza Schoolgirl: TRAUMA [cc] Estudante de Gaza TRAUMATIZADA [Legendado]


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